How To Find the Right Command for a Task


   With thousands of commands and subcommands available in Windows, what if you dont know or forgot which command to use for a task? CommandXpress gives you a command search engine that uses keyword phrases to find the right command for any task. You no longer need to know which commands exist to be able to use commands. Search phrases consist of two parts, the first part is a single action word or verb such as “show,” “set,” “delete,” “create,” etc. The second part is the object phrase such as “user account,” “domain,” “computers,” “active directory,” etc. Examples of search phrases are:

  • “change user password”
  • “display remote users”
  • “join computer to domain”
  • “modify network settings”
  • “show local group policy”


commandxpress search tab
Screenshot of CommandXpress Search Engine displaying the search result for the phrase “show user accounts”


Download CommandXpress for free here.