CommandXpress is the First and Only High Level Command Builder for Windows that Writes the Command for You. All You Have to do is Set the Command Switches.

   Experience the Fastest and Easiest Way to Explore, Browse, Search, Build, and Execute Commands Through an Explorer Style Graphical Interface.

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Why CommandXpress?

There is need for a high level command builder because Windows users and administrators have a large number of commands at their disposal but it has always been a challenge to utilize them due to their cryptic and cumbersome nature. The command shell has the largest number of tools and is the quickest medium for configuring/administering a Windows or Windows Server system, but achieving that speed requires similar abilities to that of a software programmer. There are thousands of commands, subcommands, required and optional switches, specific switch values, switch prefixes, switch arrangements, etc that are involved in building commands.

CommandXpress is the first high level command builder for Windows which gives you pioneering technology that serves as an interface between you and the command prompt window. You use CommandXpress to browse and build commands similar to the way you use Windows Explorer to browse folders and files. When you execute the command, it is automatically sent and executed in the command prompt window. Now you can concentrate on the job of system configuration/administration instead of the complexities of command syntax.

CommandXpress Features

Friendly ‘Explorer Style’ Interface

CommandXpress gives you a graphical environment for you to explore or browse commands and switches similar to the way you use windows explorer to browse folders and files. commands are listed according to category such as network, security, hardware, active directory etc. selecting a command exposes subcommands or switches under that command.

Keyword Based Command Search Engine

With thousands of commands & subcommands available, what if you don’t know or forgot which one to use for a task? No need to start digging through references, simply tell the search engine what you want to do such as ‘create user account’, ‘change user password’, ‘join computer to domain’, etc and the search engine will list the commands that you can use to carry out the task.

Automatic Syntax Generation

CommandXpress eliminates most of the complexities in using commands because you dont have to bother about or know anything about switch sequence and switch prefixes. Just provide the values and the syntax is automatically generated for you, which means less referencing, less typing, and more executing.

Switch Exclusivity Processing

CommandXpress automatically excludes all other switches that are used exclusively to the one you set for switches explicitly indicated in the command line reference.

Administrative Tool Portal

Windows administrative tools can be found in the command prompt, the control panel, and in the microsoft management console. It is inefficient to have to go back and forth between these three interfaces to access or use a tool, especially when you are not sure of which tool to use. CommandXpress fixes this by consolidating the tools contained in these three interfaces into one interface for quick and easy access through browsing by category or searching.

Object Browsing

Browse and insert file/folder paths, user names, and network interface names into your commands without having to memorize them or do copy and paste.


Autocomplete saves you time and increases command building speed by ensuring that you don’t have to completely re-type what you have typed before or copy and paste information that you have used before in CommandXpress.


Text is automatically padded with quotation marks whenever you space it for switches that require quotation marks.

One Click Command Help

Get help for any command instantly with a single click saving you time and typing.

Short Command Descriptions

Hovering the mouse over a command gives you a short description of what the command is used for.

These are some of the features of command express but there are many more for you to discover. Download commandXpress for free.